Morzine Chalets

A brief history of our Morzine chalets

We have been running between 1 and 4 Morzine chalets each season since our first winter season of 2006.

A short history of our Morzine chalets.

We love to welcome back guests that have stayed with us before, so if you’re trying to determine if you’ve stayed with us but don’t recognise any of our current Morzine chalets, here is a brief history of the Morzine chalets we’ve previously run.

Back in our first season, we ran two Morzine chalets, Chalet Jeanette I & II which slept 10 – 12 each and had a very central location with large terraces offering great views of both the Pleney and Super Morzine. Both were self-catered.

The following year, we kept the original two and took on another which we named Chalet Alice giving us three Morzine chalets in total. Chalet Alice was our first fully catered chalet located up in the Prodains valley. It remained with us until April 2012, although we have kept the name for our new primary chalet…

Another year passed by and we took on another chalet which we named Chalet Abby, but let go of Jeanette I & II allowing us to focus on running two Morzine chalets for the season. Chalet Abby was our self-catered chalet and remained with us until April 2012.

Going into the 2012/2013 season, we are delighted to be running with just one Morzine chalet, the all new Chalet Alice.

How is it all new? Well it is a new and different chalet, we just decided to keep the name Chalet Alice and take it with us to our new chalet.

That brings you up to date with all the Morzine chalets we’ve run previously and continue to run.

Please come back and visit the new Chalet Alice.

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